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-- waiting for a deal to emerge on capitol hill and named the deal and put concessions out there and i thought it was first, strategic. i think his way of going to first,republicans getting some kind of understanding with them, then taking it broader with the to the housenally is smart. i think he's strategic in terms of his real election constituency. he's speaking out to younger voters saying we can't keep of our national wealth to seniors, we need a broader distribution. minorities,g out to he's reaching out to women and i think this is the moment in which he's really bidding to be a significant president, solving problem the country has. chris: it's so much like the problem i have covering the president and observing him, you think he's not going to do it he does it. he's always a little later than the chattering class. when is he going to do it and he does it. i want to talk about the guns. out on gunsd come and he really did give passionate speeches up in now the wealth
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of emotion coming to the capitol, the state-old senate buildings, walking down the hallway, the victims. one of the interesting things, the president was most passionate about guns, there was in perception. then come these families who, unlike other types of people with a cause or protestors who might be loud or sort of has notational, that been who they are. it is the quietness of how this, notproached going in saying take away guns. they're going in telling their stories, the emotion of what living is so powerful, the green ribbons, i can see hallway, they are in so many offices. it has made a difference i don't think anyone expected and the difference has been swift. it has turned votes in the matter of days. that's remarkable. chris: it takes a number of occur for those emotions to be real. the senate needs to vote for checks, 50 votes and
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carry 60 votes for the passage and the speaker of the house to say yes, i'm going to do it in the house and 218 votes in the house. do you think it will go through those routes and have gun check improvement? >> it will take weeks. there are fierce debates ahead, many four-way stops where a lot that could hold things up or derail them so it's impossible to predict. what is certain is that something has changed. opening debate is one thing. agreeing on guns is a hard sell even for democrats. background piece, but it would be tough work. the gangt's talk about of eight. i was so impressed with mark but it's ang aboard real bill. it's not a legalization or some amnesty. border. tough it's got to get tough on the border before they do anything amnesty or legalization and
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if you're an employer, within five years, you have to use the you can't hire illegal people anymore. it seems tough. >> it is tough and it there will likely be a path to citizenship, on board with that. most republicans even think pathway tod be a citizenship. rubio is the key factor. there are two marco rubios. the one hand, he's the establishment envoy to conservatives but also republican envoy to latinos. the president's legacy, it's part of his but also part of rubio's legacy and party's legacy and that's why you have to -- chris: i want an immigration that's progressive, american, we're proud of it and we enforce it. more jokes. >> that's the argument, tough but fair. chris: we have this question of the president and how he's different. generalarned from
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mcarthur years ago, don't get into land wars in asia. this president doesn't look like the kind of guy that will start a land war anywhere. getting out of iraq, getting out of afghanistan. warfare does he believe in? >> he said in his second inaugural that a decade of war coming to an end. what he was talking about is the decade of the public wars we about -- iraq and afghanistan. the other wars, the secret wars, shoulddow wars, continued under obama and in fact escalated. he's embraced them. escalation of drone strikes in pakistan. we've seen strikes in yemen, in africa. we've seen drone bases built in like nijar so it's the secret wars that the c.i.a. takes control of. chris: he's not squeamish, is he? sweemish on these issues but how long can he keep them secret because there's membersng pressure from
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of congress -- republicans like rand paul, and democrats -- to become more transparent, to make sure americans know more about this stuff. a reporter how little actually even members of the intelligence committee secrety know about these legal opinions that have allowed wars. chris: name of your book? >> "the way of the night, the the wars at the ends of the earth." chris: how does a republican of congress break the deal they have with the middle ofss and upper middle class no new taxes? >> extraordinarily difficult. raise taxes?to absolutely not. would they get there through tax reform? would they get there through changes to the programs they say would protect seniors and keep the programs alive? to try tothe ways find it. it's not easy but some alreadyle things have happened. chris: david, i just talked to boehner. tenuous leadership.
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his deal, the right wing deal, we may not agree on abortion and we may not all agree on same sex or rander we're neocons paul types but the one thing that seems to be republican is we don't raise taxes. try toink obama will find some way to finesse that. code reform, tax he'll call it raising revenues but avoiding something you could tax increasel a but, chris, the republicans are running scared. they're very disoriented. how are we going to adapt to a country moving so quickly so i don't think there are as many fixed anchors. another important thing is that the package that obama put together cleverly is, in essence, the deal he made with boehner more than a year ago, so he's coming back to that and he's in a position to say to republicans,he look, the country wants this. you already agreed to it once. what do you mean you're not accept it? and i think that gives him leverage in this. chris: focusing on the wealthy. the wealthy and
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saying we're already there. you're now reneging on the deal that you made. it isn't clear that the country actually really wants entitlement reform. if you look at all the -- chris: they never do. >> they never do. the only thing they want cuts to is foreign aid. it's never medicare or social security. chris: general government. on abuse. >> a really hard sell. line thet's bottom question about a grand bargain. we asked the matthews meter, 12 theur regulars, will president's budget plan with its offer on social security cuts bargain?yield a grand i hate these. it's a tie. i hate them. of them, ofand one the six yeses, the only optimism, kelly o'donnell. you told our producer you thought it was a soft yes. crazych i know makes you because you don't like squishy answers so it might be less than soft yes for the reasons i just mentioned, things that were unexpected have enormity of the
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problem is recognized so i think there is such a frustration with for getting nothing they begin to do things and get positive moreormat, it gives them courage. chris: we have a trillion dollar deficit projection this year. this is in a recovery period. enough of the pondering. on gun debate's been going if are so long in this country that norman lear used it in 1972 this episode of "all in the family" where archie and rob reiner, are watching a station editorial where the news director talks. only by enforcing even tougher gun laws can the tide of and death be halted. guns must go before more of them off. >> he's a fairy! like all them gun control guys! i'm for gun control. >> tell it to her, maybe she'll get the marriage annulled. >> daddy! what do guns have to do with
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maleness? >> what do guns have to do with male instance duke wayne, buddy! i could go on and on and on but don't do no good because talking like casting pearls into wine. the old lady down the street no guns. oned have been glad to have when two burglars busted in on her last week. >> how do you expect an 88-year-old woman to carry a gun? >> she can carry it in her elastic stocking next to her kay. it's my right to pack a rod. chris: what was going on to inspire that episode? most recent assassination attempt back then had been when arthur bremmer shot and paralyzed george wallace. look at that scene, at a campaign stop in maryland. guns were a continuing part of the national debate back then but the total gun deaths in 1972
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what it isrd of today, three times as many killings a year in this country in 1972 when we already knew it was a problem. when we return, what intelligence does the president get every single morning about iran, about north korea. we have the experts and scoops
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>> with all the unpredictable moves by iran and north korea, how good is our spy craft? does our c.i.a. know enough to tell the president how big a threat they pose? his senate confirmation hearing, john brennan said both on getting hell bent nuclear weapons and delivering them. andegimes in tehran p'yongyang remain bent on pursuing nuclear weapons and
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intercontinental ballistic missile delivery systems rather ofn meeting basic needs their people. chris: let's look at north korea, the guy with the bad haircut. is he really the boss in making firingision on actually off a missile or whatever games he's up to? does he make those calls? the toughest things about the north korea problem and also the iran problem is intelligence about how decisions are made at the very top is so thin. we don't understand intentions, we really don't have much transparency into the personality of kim jong un, how it fits with the military leadership, especially with the new leader like kim jong un gone through a cycle of crisis, guessing how he's going to end this one is ifficult for people and when ask the question, chris, i'm told, frankly, there's not that the innerow about circle. chris: let's stay on north korea because his grandfather who
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the north and shocked everybody, got the ok apparently the soviets, all these threats. >> is it just a brash new leader charge?o show he's in is it something more? does he hold the cards? that,are the questions you know, c.i.a. has had little information about north korea for decades. trying to figure this out? >> sure they're trying to figure it out and they download the chinese as much as they can the chinese talk to these people or dennis rodman so problem that they the --ced and one of whether you're talking about iran or north korea, one of the things that brennan raised in his hearing is that when you far to one side with the c.i.a. with the paramilitary stuff, what the opportunity on harde really spying targets. chris: on iran, everybody thinks about it.
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they're slowing down weaponnization program. >> there's no evidence they're slowing down. they have made moves to reduce 20%usable stockpile of enriched uranium, one of the israelis didn't go forward with talk of attacking. but the administration's hope is that iran will see it has to before the red line the u.s. has stated which is do not nuclear, do not build a weapon and that's what negotiations over the next six months will focus on. will they stop or insist on continuing? does intelligence let them know we will strike? >> one of the issues that's c.i.a. and the analysts is reading the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei's mind. the view is that he thinks obama is bluffing, that he's thinks it would be irrational for the u.s. to attack. he thinks if the u.s. did
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attack, iran could ride out the attack and he would emerge stronger. chris: that's my question about iran. i never really felt we wanted to a war with saddam hussein the second time. wanted that war and we're coming in, you're going to be hanged, don't do this. is there going to be that last-minute effort to send somebody in, like a pope? , like the pope? someone credible on their side? >> one thing that's certain, this administration does not a war in iran and they also would very much want to stop the israelis from striking in iran but as david said, the enrichment continues and there debate inside the intelligence agencies about whether they have decided to go and who, weaponnize again, back to the question, who holds the cards. still unclear. you ofhow confident are our intelligence agencies? say, mediumy
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confidence. team we have?ream >> mark's book says we have moved from being an intelligence allection agency to paramilitary agency focused on killingerrorism and people and there's no question that to be a good intelligence secretshat steals the the country needs to know, it has to move back and the question is can it. chris: nixon wanted to split the two. the president, confident of his intelligence team? he's beent the guy closest to in some ways in the biggest decisions he's made, al qaeda, john brennan, as the director. chris: is he confident? >> it's interesting. intimately involved in the drone counterterrorism killing program. wants the c.i.a. out of that so we'll see. i think david and i both agree this will take time and it's years as opposed to months or weeks. chris: when we return, scoops and predictions from the notebooks of these reporters. [ wind howling ]
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chris: david, tell me something i don't know. >> there is a quiet debate about to put more time pressure on iran before their election in june to try to push, a for >> you'll hear something more about this number, 113,000, this week. talking about immigration and one of the sticking points has been how many workers could you bring with a new kind of visa for migrant workers and
4:51 pm
working theory is fewer than 200,000. spot might be 113,000 a year allowed to come in and work. cory booker eyeing a senate race in 2013, would be the sixth thecan-american elected to senate and if he wins, he wants cothia should he serve in the senate. chris: interesting. >> there's a lot of talk about heat obama's taking over the targeted killing program in the united states but there's a report worked on by the united that's got a lot of people very concerned about targeted killings in pakistan that would be presented in the fall and there's concern in the administration this will raise a of pressure in the u.n. against the obama administration in these activities. chris: anacothia, the poor part washington. i knew i missed something there. the big question for everybody do americans thi
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chris: it's tax time and the i.r.s. chart shows americans aren't all that upset about generally almost 60% say they're fair. our big question, can the withicians get away raising them, david ignatius? >> raise revenues with the as soft as it is, i'd be surprised. >> really tough if it looks like a tax increase. chris: so a soft statement? >> i'm still soft. hike,re already was a tax the fiscal cliff deal. chris: will the republicans taxes? >> i say no. chris: i think republicans like to not raise taxes. a greatu, it's roundtable. david ignatius, kelly o'donnell, and marka henderson mazzetti with "the new york times." that's the show, thanks for watching. stahl, boblesley woodward, michael duffy will be here. [ wind howling ]
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[ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. right now at 5:00, he was a teenager bullied to the point that he attempted suicide, jumping from the golden gate bridge. tonight, his message to young people on how to survive the darkest hours. south bay drivers watch out. it starts tomorrow. the massive b.a.r.t. construction project that will impact traffic for mimes around. thousands of jobs up for grabs in the bay area. we'll show you where.
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good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm diane dwir. the parents of a south bay teenager who they say killed herself as a result of a sexual assault and cyber bullying are preparing to speak publicly for the first time. we don't usually identify the victim of sexual assaults, in this case audrie potts' parents want her story told to prevent other suicides. in san francisco, he just spoke with someone who survived bullying and an attempted suicide. >> reporter: 13-year-old kevin heinz jumped off the golden gate bridge expecting to end his life. unbelievably he survived. now he has a message for other people in that same situation. >> my job now on this planet is to help people like audrie potts before they get to this point.
4:59 pm
this is temporary. this instance in your life is temporary. just like the bullying that was pushed upon me was temporary. >> kevin heinz saying that bullying played a role in his decision to end his life. in the year 2000 he jumped off of the golden gate bridge. he's one of four people known to have survived that jump and to regain full mobility. 15-year-old audrie pott committed suicide. last week deputies arrested three 16-year-old boys, two of them at saratoga high school and a third at a high school in gilroy. they have each been charged with two felonies related to the sexual assault. audrie pott's parents are pushing for the boys to be tried as adults. that will be up to the district attorney and a

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